If you have not had your skin checked before, you may have a few questions – hopefully we have covered most of them here. If there is anything else you wish to know about Espy Skin’s skin cancer detection service, please contact us.

If we are in COVID-19 Alert Level 3 or 4 we will need to reschedule your appointment.

If we are in COVID-19 Alert Level 2 I will be wearing a mask and there will be a mask available for you, or you are welcome to wear your own. If you are feeling unwell, please reschedule your appointment.

Thorough infection control and cleaning measures will be in place regardless of alert levels.

Yes, please contact us for details. Skin checks are however best conducted using a dermatoscope, so in-person checks are recommended.

No, a referral is not required.

Espy Skin is not an affiliate of Southern Cross Healthcare or any other healthcare insurance provider at this time. Some insurance providers do cover skin cancer screening, so please check with your provider. A full body skin check with Espy Skin though is only $125 – we wanted to make full body skin checks more affordable and accessible. If treatment is required, we can certainly refer you to a Southern Cross affiliated Doctor / Surgery for treatment.

A full body skin check is recommended at least once a year or more frequently if you are deemed high risk, such as very fair-skinned or past history of skin cancer. This 30-45 minute service offers a thorough head-to-toe skin cancer assessment using the latest dermoscopy technology.

A 15 minute spot check on the other hand is to check 1 to 3 specific moles or lesions that may be concerning you.

During both types of check, images will be taken as necessary so we can continue to monitor any moles or lesions of concern. Doctor referrals can also be made if treatment is required.

A full body skin check should be a thorough head-to-toe assessment. Finding skin cancer takes time and should not be rushed. I also want to make sure there is time to answer any questions you may have.

A full body skin check is a thorough head-to-toe check conducted with contact and non-contact dermoscope – a high quality hand-held magnifying lens and powerful lighting system which allows examination of skin structures and patterns. Skin checks are performed with the patient either sitting up or lying down. Modesty is maintained throughout – underwear preferred with gowns or modesty sheets provided. Genitalia may be checked discreetly at a patient’s request (melanoma can appear anywhere… even in places the sun doesn’t see). Clinical and dermoscopic images are taken of any lesions of clinical concern for surveillance or treatment referral. Please refrain from wearing heavy foundation as this makes detection more difficult.

Yes, I offer a spot check service which takes 10-15 minutes and involves the clinical assessment of 1 to 3 lesions that have been concerning you.

Yes, it is completely safe. It is only a magnifying lens and LED lights.

A secure cloud-based software system is used to record patient’s clinical notes and images if required.

Yes, you will be given a login so you can access your personal data and images.

No, there are no special requirements before your appointment. There will be a private changing screen or area in the consultation room and bathrooms available in the building if needed. Please refrain from wearing heavy make-up – thick foundation makes diagnosis difficult. Make up removal wipes will be available if required.

Yes, I will make a note in your file and will send annual reminder emails if you agree to this.

A 50% deposit (refundable with more than 24 hours’ notice) is required at time of online booking with a credit or debit card. The balance is due at the end of your consultation. Further payment options will be added in the future.

I offer a professional and impartial skin cancer detection service and I can refer you to a network of trusted doctors for surgical and non-surgical treatments if treatment is required.