Espy – [ E–spy ] verb

to catch sight of, to discover, to notice, to spot, to note, to observe.

About Espy Skin

Katy Doherty
Managing Director, Espy Skin Limited
NZRN, BHSc (Nursing)

Skin Cancer College Australasia:
Certificate Dermoscopy

HealthCert (Bond University):
Professional Certificate of Dermoscopy
Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy
Professional Diploma of Dermoscopy

Skin Cancer Symposiums:
Certificate of Fundamental Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine
Certificate of Advanced Dermatoscopy
Certificate of Surgical and Medical Management of Skin Cancer

I am passionate about saving lives through early detection of skin cancers by providing professional yet affordable full body skin checks. I believe full body skin checks should be affordable and thus more accessible for people – cost should not be a barrier to having your skin checked.

Espy Skin was set up to continue this passion while also allowing me to offer tailored skin cancer education.

With over twenty years experience as a New Zealand Registered Nurse and almost a decades experience in dermoscopy and skin cancer surveillance, I am qualified in detecting all types of skin cancer and precancerous growths including actinic keratoses, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Melanoma is the most common and deadly type of skin cancer.

During this time I have come across many people who are too self-conscious to have their skin checked.  Early detection is essential for the successful treatment of skin cancer – please do not put off getting your skin checked because you are nervous or worried. My aim is to make sure everyone feels comfortable and confident during their session with me – I always treat my patients with dignity and respect.

In addition to offering a professional and impartial skin cancer detection service, I can support you with unbiased recommendations for surgical and non-surgical treatments if treatment is required. I have built up and continue to maintain a network of trusted skin cancer GPs for direct referral if required. Full clinical documents and images can be securely shared with you or your GP on request.

I operate three days a week (Tuesday – Thursday) out of Chiropractic Touch in Takapuna, Auckland.

I am also available on request for onsite workplace assessments, out of town engagements, skin cancer education and training.

I look forward to seeing you soon!